Kate Tempest – A Personal Review

In the next 7 days I will be traveling to Munich, Berlin and Lake Constance (Bodensee) to reconnect with old friends and almost forgotten dreams. As I realize that I have been travelling for the past two years, with no permanent residency, I do what I have been waiting for and thinking about for a long time: Sharing gems I find along the way!

Kate Tempest 

Poetic Meteroite ~ Magical Stagepresence ~ Elevating Life

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When I first came across her works ‘Hold your own’ and ‘The bricks that build the houses’ I felt this young lady finds the words and ways to express what many people feel happening around the world. I felt and feel profoundly touched. Frequently at her concerts, there is this moment: She opens a void beyond words, causing the barriers of emotions to break and inspiration to percolate through nerves and vains. Her vibrancy is invigorating, her lyrics are contemporary, yet amaranthine and her playfulness with language is legendary. For me she is residing amongst the great artists I know the English language has born: David Thoreau, David Whyte, Virginia Wolf, Aldous Huxley, Wendell Berry and yes to me as a non-English speaker, even Shakespeare might experience a gentle shower of goose bumps in his poetic-nostrils. Content wise she is up to speed to the societal and cultural evolution of human development and overall constructive emergence happening around the globe. She might not see herself there, but to me she is spearheading, wait… love-heading, the emergence of civil society waking up all around the globe. A broad movement taking responsibility to safeguard our planet to be inhabitable and enjoyable for future generations of all beings. She is wittily and poignantly darting at the major lines of societal and interpersonal divergence, while unwrapping and unlayering the inner and outer dimensions of this shift happening ~ ‘en point’.

Thank you Kate for all you are and all that you do!

Gates into Kate’s World

Join her new tour ‚The book of traps & lessons‘ in 2020 ~ Read her long poem ‘brand new ancients’ featured on Goodreads.com ~ Listen to her latest track ‘Unholy Elixir’ ~ Zu guter Letzt eine Rezension in der Zeit ‚Ein poetischer Meteorit‘

Pictures by By Martin Schumann / Wikipedia – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

#BTW ~ I love today’s date 20.02.2020

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