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CocoPause #1

*Lena’s mind in the morning*

Dear Friends,

as we are all going through this tunnel now, giving the best we can to maintain our life’s balance, keeping our families safe and moral up , we propose, in this pause, a pause of this invisible and present… let’s name it Coco! A pause to ignite inner lights through creativity. We open a playful space and share with you improvisations that can have many forms (Music, poetry, video, photography…). Why do we want to share it with you? Maybe for you to take a few minutes to breathe, to be mindfully connected with you, to trigger imagination or only to make you smile. Enjoy, share and please write us what you think.

In our first CocoPause episode, we invite you to travel with us through the mind of Jessica’s 2.5 year old niece in the morning

Watch it on Youtube


Jessica and Joscha


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